Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm the Daddy

Jessa and Spencer go through these funny games where they are the parents, and we are the children. They are so silly and sometimes obnoxious. I know I never talk to them as harshly as a parent as they talk to me when they are my parent. At least, I hope not.

Last night when we were trying hard to herd everyone to bed, Spencer went into the wrong bedroom. Jessa and I were turning down beds and getting out some books to read. I heard some lumbering heavy foot steps and stuck my head out and saw this:

And he started, in his best "Daddy" voice saying, "I'm the Daddy. I have on my work shoes. Whenever the sun comes up, I have to put on my work shoes and go to work." He was so precious and cracking me up!

Of course, he picked up that we thought it was cute and hammed it up. "Y'all be quiet. Daddy has to sleep because as soon as the sun comes up, I have to go to work in my work shoes." David had to pry them off his feet for fear that when the sun came up and he really did have to put them on that they would be no where to be found.

Not sure what his fascination with being the Daddy and going to work is, but the very next night, he was walking around like this:
Daddy of course, loves it. Wanting to be like Daddy and not dressing like a ballerina with his sister is a win/win!