Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta have FAITH

Today was Spencer's FIRST day of his NEW preschool, at Faith Lutheran Church in O'Fallon.

I must admit that I was excited for him to start a new school, but I was not nearly as emotional. I felt guilty at first, like I should be in tears for him, too. But then I realized, duh! We have done the preschool thing (many, many, many times) before, right? So I decided that it was OK that I was not a blubbering mess when it was time for us to head out this morning.

He posed for the traditional photos:

And an awesome neighbor who just happened to be walking by with her stroller stopped and asked if I wanted a picture of the 2 of us. Isn't that awesome!? Especially since David is out of town for almost the next 3 weeks, and he was not able to come with us and help take pictures.
I missed having David with us. But since Jessa was already at school, it was really nice to be able to focus 100% of my attention on my favorite little guy.

We got there and he was excited to head on in. This is the first time that he was not at all apprehensive. Part of it was that parents were supposed to stay today, but I also think he is gaining some confidence. I am telling myself that a benefit to the somewhat nomadic life that is the army is that they are adaptable. They are used to change and seem to adjust pretty well.

He met his teacher and they were all allowed to play whatever the wanted. My lone ranger chose to build with blocks alone. The girls were all chatty and becoming BFFs, much the way Jessa always is. Spencer (and the other boys in the class) were all more content to play on their own. He also put together several puzzles. No kitchen or play dough today - he may have had to socialize - gasp!

They practiced the good morning song and circle time. They also took turns playing the Glockenspiel. Spencer, he did not want a turn, and they were OK with that. I think he will be more willing to jam tomorrow without all the extra grown-ups in the room, namely ME.

I am very excited for his new class and his new school. And I am very proud of his building confidence. The first time we walked into previous schools, there was leg-holding and sobbing before we even got to the classroom. It is going to be a little tough (on me) with them being in different schools for the first time, but I am going to adjust. I am already splitting my box tops in 2 piles. . .

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kate said...

So cute! He's so brave. :)