Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr. Cuddles/ Dr. Phil

So we went to Toys R Us last week to have some fun. We love to go and just take our time and check everything out. I always set a price range and that helps keep us on track. This time, we had two $20 bills from May. She sent them as a surprise for the kids to pick out something that they really wanted. Jessa picked out this vet clinic carrier thing that had a ton on plastic medical supplies. It also came with a small puppy. Spencer picked out a stuffed "diggy dog" (aka Dalmatian) and don't be shocked - a train.

We played when we got home. There was a vet show that we all sat and watched. Janessa (aka Jessa) was the host of the show and she explained all the complicated and painful treatments she was administering to the poor dogs, who looked pretty healthy to me. This continued off and on for the rest of the afternoon.

That night, they were again playing with the fancy Dr. materials. And David and I got so tickled when we heard Spencer say, I am the evil doctor, Dr. Cuddles. The words evil and cuddles are not usually used together, but I guess it works for him.

Side note: This medical kit has already been worth the money we spent since they have played with it almost constantly.

The next afternoon, they were taking turns being the patient and being the doctor. I was feeling a little under the weather today, so I was sort of hanging out in the den while they were playing. And a certain talk show was on in the background. I laughed when I heard Spencer talking to his patient and introducing himself:

Oh my! I do love Dr. Phil, but I thought he had a PhD, not an MD! I guess he knows what he is doing. . .

His patient sure seems to trust him. And I guess allowing Dr. Phil to give you a shot in the head is more reassuring than getting a shot from the evil Dr. Cuddles, right?

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