Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spencer: Jessa's biggest fan

Many times, Spencer can just fade right into the background. He is SO intent on doing whatever Jessa wants him to do. And I always know when they argue or fight, the root of the problem is usually Spencer wanting to do something that Jessa did not have in mind. He loves her to a fault. When she is ugly, I always remind her how lucky she is to have him. And she occasionally realizes it.

Last weekend, we had a great surprise. An army friend and her two boys were driving through our area. When I realized it, I immediately invited them to come and stay with us. That is one of the awesome things about the army: you do not have to see or talk to each other every day (or even every year) but we are there for each other and we can pick right up where we left off. When I told the kids, they were happy to make 2 new friends. UNTIL they arrived. Oh my!

For the most part things were OK. No major mishaps. Spencer was a little possesive of his things because after all, the 2 boys wanted to play with only his things. They were not too keen on Barbies. Go figure! But the most embarassing, and somewhat odd part was the way my two sort of bonded and became an obnoxious team.

The funniest example (it is funny now, it was mortifying at the time) is Jessa's Hello Kitty spoon. Is it her favorite spoon? Yes. Does she use it every night when she eats her ice cream? Yes. BUT we did have company and the guest is always right. So when the older of the two boys innocently reached into the spoon drawer and selected the Hello Kitty spoon, Jessa MELTED DOWN. And the more she wanted the spoon, the more our sweet guest wanted it. I told her she had to leave the room until she could collect herself. She went into the den and sat on a chair and sobbed for the entire time the 3 boys were eating a little ice cream.

The boys were in the kitchen. Here is what Spencer was saying, well grumbling, while he was eating his treat:
I don't know why you even want that spoon. It is for girls. That is not yours, it is Jessa's. Jessa's spoon. Hello Kitty is a girl. Why do you want that spoon? It is pink. Just give it to Jessa.
Spencer was fighting Jessa's fight when she could not. Sibling solidarity. Not the most heartwarming example, I suppose. . .

I also noticed the way he hops to when she speaks around the other two boys. She would ask, I mean order them to all sit somewhere. Spencer did not hesitiate or question, he sat. The other 2 sort of looked at her a minute before they continued to do what they were doing!

After the ice cream incident, they were all brushing teeth and pottying before bed. I went into Jess and Spence's bedroom and found them both all snuggled into Jessa's bed. This evil duo continued to bond as they were going to sleep.

I am glad that they are bonded and love each other, but I also would like them to give another kid a chance! Maybe their being in 2 different schools will be a good thing. . .

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Tara said...

What a cute post! I was wondering how your visit was and can't wait to hear more! I guess I'm glad that Ben was so willing to obey "Spencer" and didn't have to deal with the wrath of "Spencer's brother"!